Caroline believes in making a long term difference through collaboration and consultation. She guides governments, law enforcement and NGOs in the successful implementation of a national response to protecting children.

Caroline leads strategic discussions with various agencies to strengthen the countries response to missing children. She identfies necessary funding streams to secure sustainable outcomes. She uses research and on the ground expertise to develop dedicated policies and standards for professionals. To build awareness around the strategic response, Caroline coordinates awareness seminars and workshops. Below is Caroline’s general outline she has used successfully in implementing national responses in Argentina, Czech Republic, Kenya, Taiwan and other countries around the world.

  1. Conduct a landscape analysis to understand existing structure;
  2. Identify and secure partners and stakeholders;
  3. Identify gaps and develop country specific recommendations on how to establish a national response;
  4. Conduct workshops / strategy discussion to develop project outline, timeline and evaluation;
  5. Collaborate with partners and stakeholders to implement project outline;
  6. Review project products such as policy, legislation and terminology;
  7. Develop implementation strategy;
  8. Finalize implementation; and
  9. Review implementation after 6-12 months and make any ajustments.


Please contact Caroline, if you or your agency is interested in further understanding how to create a national response to prevent children from going missing and to implement a response when children to go missing.