Caroline cultivates wide ranging partnerships between the private sector and child protection professionals to increase resources and access to technology solutions. She has worked with Meta and Uber across more than 20 countries to successfully launch AMBER Alerts (emergency child alert system). The alert system has an average success rate of 95% in recovering missing children. Caroline continues to look and create new partnerships to strengthen the use of the alert system across a country and the world.

Caroline has collaborated with Amazon Web Services and First Factory to launch the largest missing children’s database, GMCNgineTM. The 24/7 database assists law enforcement and NGOs in the search of missing children by scouring the Internet for clues. Working with technology companies, Caroline coordinated weekly sprints, user surveys as well as establish partnerships to enhance the functionality of the database.

Please contact Caroline, if you or your agency is interested in further understanding how to introduce technology solutions to your missing children’s response.