Current Projects


International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

Caroline is responsible for developing a dedicated university certificate program on online child sexual exploitation in partnership with University of Notre Dame. She is collaborating with various academics and child protection professionals to create modules which will strengthen interested participants knowledge on how to combat online child sexual exploitation.

Missing Persons Uncovered Podcast

Caroline is co-hosting with Professor Karen Shalev Greene the first podcast series discussing the issue of missing persons with the aim to build greater awareness.

Protect Us Kids

Caroline assists Protect Us Kids in expanding its partnership and funding opportunitities to allow the NGO to educate a wider audience of underserved children around the world on internet safety.

Caroline coordinates  T3K.Ai partnerships between NGOs and law enforcement in the US to provide their solutions to detect illicit content and remove it from the Internet.

Trust and Safety Forum – FIC

Caroline  and Jean-Christophe LeToquin are the founders of the Trust & Safety Forum taking place at the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) in Lille, France offering open, in-depth discussion to all, from platforms to regulators, inclusive of moderators and solutions providers for a more trusted and safer digital environment.